Keyboard & typing

Keyboard & typing

An overview of keyboard use and features.

  1. At a text enabled screen, press the desired key on the alphanumeric keypad to input the character.
    device 2651/1292390.jpg
  2. Pressing the # (pound) key switches in between the upper and lower case.
    device 2651/1292391.jpg
  3. To access symbols, press and hold the * (asterisk) key.
    device 2651/1292392.jpg
  4. Press the Center Nav Key to insert.
    device 2651/1292393.jpg
  5. Press the 0 (space)key to add a space to the text.
    device 2651/1292394.jpg
  6. Press the Left Soft Key adjust predictive text, language, and other options.
    device 2651/1292395.jpg

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