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Add, view, delete, and customize contacts by adding a picture or ringtone.



  1. From the home screen, tap the Apps icon.
    device 2646/1001285925.jpg
  2. Tap People.
    device 2646/1001285926.jpg
  3. Tap the Add icon to add a contact.
    device 2646/1001285927.jpg
  4. Tap the Storage location field to change the save location.
    device 2646/1001285929.jpg
  5. Tap the desired option.
    device 2646/1001285930.jpg
  6. Tap the Name field to enter a name for the contact.
    device 2646/1001285931.jpg
  7. Tap the Phone field to enter a phone number.
    device 2646/1001285932.jpg
  8. Tap the Camera icon to add an image to the contact.
    device 2646/1001285934.jpg
  9. Tap Gallery.
    device 2646/1001285937.jpg
  10. Swipe to view ALBUMS.
    device 2646/1001285938.jpg
  11. Tap the desired album.
    device 2646/1001285939.jpg
  12. Tap the desired image.
    device 2646/1001285940.jpg
  13. Touch, then drag the four corners of the box to crop the image.
    device 2646/1001285943.jpg
  14. Tap DONE to save the image.
    device 2646/1001285944.jpg
  15. Tap SAVE to save the contact.
    device 2646/1001285945.jpg
  16. Tap the desired contact.
    device 2646/1001285946.jpg
  17. To edit a contact, tap the Menu key.
    device 2646/1001285947.jpg
  18. Tap Edit contact to edit the selected contact.
    device 2646/1001285948.jpg
  19. Tap SAVE to save the contact.
    device 2646/1001285949.jpg
  20. To link two or more contacts, tap the Menu key.
    device 2646/1001285950.jpg
  21. Tap Link.
    device 2646/1001285951.jpg
  22. Tap Other contact to link other contacts.
    device 2646/1001285952.jpg
  23. Tap to enter the name of the desired contact.
    device 2646/1001285953.jpg
  24. Tap the desired contact.
    device 2646/1001285955.jpg
  25. Tap DONE to link the selected contacts.
    device 2646/1001285956.jpg
  26. To Unlink a contact, scroll to, then tap the desired contact.
    device 2646/1001285958.jpg
  27. Tap the Menu key.
    device 2646/1001285959.jpg
  28. Tap Link.
    device 2646/1001285960.jpg
  29. Tap the desired contact to unlink.
    device 2646/1001285961.jpg
  30. Tap DONE to unlink the contacts.
    device 2646/1001285963.jpg
  31. Tap the desired contact.
    device 2646/1001285964.jpg
  32. Tap Ringtone to set a custom ringtone for the desired contact.
    device 2646/1001285966.jpg
  33. Tap the desired ringtone, then tap APPLY.
    device 2646/1001285968.jpg
  34. The selected contacts ringtone has been set.
    device 2646/1001285972.jpg
  35. To delete a contact, touch and hold the desired contact.
    device 2646/1001300955.jpg
  36. Tap Delete contact.
    device 2646/1001300956.jpg
  37. Tap OK.
    device 2646/1001300960.jpg

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