Learn & customize the home screen

Learn & customize the home screen

Add shortcuts and widgets, access the notification panel, changing wallpaper, and more.



  1. Swipe left or right to view other home screens.
    device 2661/1001297140.jpg
  2. Tap an icon to access.
    device 2661/1001297141.jpg
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to exit an app.
    device 2661/1001297142.jpg
  4. Touch and hold to view options and menus for an item.
    device 2661/1001297143.jpg
  5. Scroll up or down to access further information on a screen.
    device 2661/1001297144.jpg
  6. To move an app, touch and hold an app on a home screen.
    device 2661/1001297148.jpg
  7. Drag the app to the desired location, then release.
    device 2661/1001297149.jpg
  8. To remove an app from a home screen, touch and hold the desired app.
    device 2661/1001297150.jpg
  9. Tap the Delete icon.
    device 2661/1001297151.jpg
  10. Tap Yes.
    device 2661/1001297153.jpg

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