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Add, view, delete, and customize contacts by adding a picture or ringtone.



  1. From the home screen, tap Contacts.
    device 2661/1001287356.jpg
  2. To create a new contact, tap the Add icon.
    device 2661/1001287367.jpg
  3. Tap the Contacts stored field.
    device 2661/1001287368.jpg
  4. Select the desired location to save the contact, then tap Done.
    device 2661/1001287369.jpg
  5. Enter the desired first name in the First name field.
    device 2661/1001287370.jpg
  6. Tap the Last name field, then enter the desired last name.
    device 2661/1001287372.jpg
  7. Tap the Phone Number type field.
    device 2661/1001287373.jpg
  8. Tap the desired type.
    device 2661/1001287374.jpg
  9. Tap the Phone Number field, then enter the desired phone number.
    device 2661/1001287376.jpg
  10. To add a contact photo, scroll up and tap the Add photo icon.
    device 2661/1001287377.jpg
  11. Tap the desired photo.
    device 2661/1001287380.jpg
  12. Edit the photo as desired.
    device 2661/1001287383.jpg
  13. Tap Done.
    device 2661/1001287389.jpg
  14. To add a ringtone, scroll to, then tap Ring Tone and Notifications.
    device 2661/1001287391.jpg
  15. Tap Phone Calls.
    device 2661/1001287395.jpg
  16. Tap Tone.
    device 2661/1001287397.jpg
  17. Scroll to, then tap the desired ringtone.
    device 2661/1001287398.jpg
  18. Tap the Back icon twice to navigate to the New Contact page.
    device 2661/1001287400.jpg
  19. Tap Save.
    device 2661/1001287403.jpg
  20. To edit a contact, tap the desired contact.
    device 2661/1001287405.jpg
  21. Tap the Edit icon.
    device 2661/1001287406.jpg
  22. Make the desired changes, then tap Save.
    device 2661/1001287407.jpg
  23. To delete a contact, touch and hold the desired contact.
    device 2661/1001287408.jpg
  24. Tap the Delete icon.
    device 2661/1001301300.jpg
  25. Tap Delete.
    device 2661/1001301302.jpg
  26. To link contacts, tap the desired contact.
    device 2661/1001306429.jpg
  27. Tap the Link icon.
    device 2661/1001306432.jpg
  28. Tap the Add link icon.
    device 2661/1001306433.jpg
  29. Tap the desired contact to link.
    device 2661/1001306434.jpg
  30. Tap Save.
    device 2661/1001306435.jpg
  31. To separate contacts, tap the desired contact.
    device 2661/1001306436.jpg
  32. Tap the Link icon.
    device 2661/1001306437.jpg
  33. Tap Unlink next to the desired contact.
    device 2661/1001306438.jpg
  34. Tap Save.
    device 2661/1001306439.jpg

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