Keyboard & typing
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Keyboard & typing

An overview of keyboard use and features.

  1. The phone defaults to Abc mode. To change keyboard mode, tap the Keyboard settings icon.
    device 2524/1001141224.jpg
  2. Tap the desired mode.
    device 2524/1001141225.jpg
  3. To input a character, tap the desired icon until the desired character appears in the text field.
    device 2524/1001141226.jpg
  4. To delete a character, tap the Delete icon.
    device 2524/1001141227.jpg
  5. Tap Shift to capitalize the next letter. Tap it agin to use CAPS lock.
    device 2524/1001141228.jpg
  6. To use the physical keyboard, slide the top of the device to the right.
    device 2524/1001141229.jpg
  7. Press a key to input the designated character.
    device 2524/1001141230.jpg
  8. To input symbols or number, press the ALT key followed by the desired character key.
    device 2524/1001141231.jpg
  9. For a complete list of symbols, press the Sym key.
    device 2524/1001141232.jpg
  10. To capitalize a letter, press the Shift key. Press it again to use CAPS lock.
    device 2524/1001141233.jpg
  11. To delete a character, press the Delete key.
    device 2524/1001141234.jpg
  12. To set the volume to vibrate, press and hold the Vibrate key. To switch back, press and hold the key again.
    device 2524/1001141235.jpg

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