Change alerts
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Change alerts

This article describes how to change the device's alerts.

  1. From the home screen, tap Menu.
    device 2524/1001141321.jpg
  2. Swipe to, then tap Settings.
    device 2524/1001141322.jpg
  3. Tap Sound Profiles.
    device 2524/1001141323.jpg
  4. Tap the Options icon of the desired sound profile.
    device 2524/1001141324.jpg
  5. Tap Message.
    device 2524/1001141325.jpg
  6. Tap Messages Sound.
    device 2524/1001141326.jpg
  7. Tap Alert Tones.
    device 2524/1001141327.jpg
  8. Tap the desired tone.
    device 2524/1001141328.jpg
  9. Tap Select.
    device 2524/1001141329.jpg
  10. Tap Save.
    device 2524/1001141332.jpg

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