Use iMessage to send and receive messages with other iMessage users.

  1. iMessage is built into iOS versions 5 and later, and allows you to send unlimited text, photos, videos, locations, and contacts using Wi-Fi or cellular data from your iPhone or iPad. To turn iMessage on or off, from the Home screen, tap Settings.
    Note: iMessages are billed as data usage when sent over a cellular data connection. Messages will be billed as text messages when sent to other device types, or to iOS devices using an earlier version of iOS. You need a valid phone number or Apple ID to use iMessage on iPhone.
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  2. Tap Messages.
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  3. Tap the "iMessageswitch to turn on or off.
    Note: If you get an error when trying to activate iMessage, get help.
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  4. To send an iMessage, from the Home screen, tap Messages.
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  5. In 'Messages', tap the New Message icon.
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  6. Then enter a phone number or email address, or tap the Plus button and choose a contact.
    Note: To send messages to a group, enter multiple recipients. Learn more from Apple support article: Send a group message with your iPhone.
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  7. Type in your message, or tap the Camera icon to attach a photo or video, or tap the Microphone icon to send an audio message.
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  8. Tap Send to finish.
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  9. iMessage lets you send text messages, photos, and videos to other iOS devices or Macs over Wi-Fi. SMS/MMS lets you send text messages and photos to other cell phones or devices.
    Note: You can tell which type of message you're sending by the color of the Send button and text bubble. iMessage: Send button and text bubbles are blue. SMS/MMS: Send button and text bubbles are green.
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  10. A red exclamation mark appears if your recipient didn't get the message. Tap the exclamation mark to try to send the message again.
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  11. To forward a message, tap and hold the message bubble, then tap More.
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  12. Tap to select the message you want to forward, then tap the Forward icon and select the person to send it to.
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  13. To delete a message, tap and hold the message bubble, then tap More.
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  14. Tap Delete All to delete all the messages. Or tap to select the messages you want to delete, then tap Trash can icon.
    Note: After you delete a message, you can recover it only by restoring from a backup.
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  15. To delete an entire conversation, open the list of conversations. Then swipe from right to left on the conversation you want to delete.
    Note: After you delete a conversation, you can recover it only by restoring from a backup. Learn more from Apple support article: Send messages with your iPhone If you can't send or receive messages on your iPhone, get help.
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