Keyboard & typing

Cut and paste, use speech-to-text, and access keyboard settings.

  1. Tap a text field to see the onscreen keyboard, and then tap letters to type.
    Note: If you touch the wrong key, you can slide your finger to the correct key.
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  2. Tap Shift to type uppercase, or touch the Shift key and slide to a letter.
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  3. Double-tap Shift for caps lock.
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  4. To enter numbers, punctuation, or symbols, tap the Number key 123. Then tap the Symbol key access additional symbols.
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  5. Tap the Emoji key to enter emoticons.
    Note: Learn more from Apple support article: Use emoji (emoticons) on your iPhone
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  6. To quickly end a sentence with a period and a space, just double-tap the Space bar.
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  7. As you write, QuickType uses predictive text to anticipate your next word. Tap a word to choose it.
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  8. Accept a highlighted prediction by entering a space or punctuation.
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  9. Reject a suggestion by tapping your original word (shown as a QuickType option with quotation marks).
    Note: If you reject the same suggestion a few times, iPhone stops suggesting it. If you see a word underlined in red, tap it to see suggested corrections. If the word you want doesn't appear, type the correction.
    device 5029/9006103_09.jpg
  10. To use speech-to-text, press the Microphone key, then speak the Desired phrase.
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  11. To copy text, double-tap a word, then move the selection handles to include the range of text you want to select. Then tap Copy.?
    device 5029/9006103_11.jpg
  12. To paste, tap where you want to paste the text, then tap Paste.
    device 5029/9006103_12.jpg
  13. To change keyboard settings, go to Settings > General > Keyboard.
    Note: Learn more from Apple support article: Get help with your keyboard on your iPhone.
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