Play music

Play music, turn the music player off.

  1. To listen to music on iPhone, from the home screen, tap Music.
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  2. Tap My Music.
    Note: My Music includes Apple Music content you added, music and music videos synced to iPhone, iTunes purchases, and the music you make available through iTunes Match.
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  3. Tap the desired song to play.
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  4. Tap the Pause icon to pause playback. 
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  5. Tap the Forward / Backward icons to skip back and forth on the playlist. 
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  6. Touch and drag the Volume slider to adjust playback volume.
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  7. Tap Repeat to toggle repeat options.
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  8. Tap Shuffle to toggle shuffle playback options. 
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  9. Tap START 3-MONTH FREE TRIAL to join Apple Music and get music hand-selected for you by experts.
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  10. Tap New, to browse today’s best music recommendations from Music experts.
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  11. Tap Connect, to follow your favorite artists, learn more about them, read their recent posts, and comment on what you find.
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