Backup and Restore with Memory Card
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (G870A)

Backup and Restore with Memory Card

Backup contacts, photos, and files to increase device memory or transfer to another device.

  1. Inserting a memory card (microSD card) into your device allows you to transfer and store contacts, music, pictures, and videos. MicroSD cards are sold separately.
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  2. Once inserted the SD card icon will appear in the notification bar.
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  3. To backup and restore from the SD card, go to Apps > My Files.
    Note: Alternatively, you can also swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap the SD card notification.
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  4. Navigate to the desired file(s), then touch and hold the desired file.
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  5. Select additional desired files and tap the Menu icon.
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  6. Tap Copy.
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  7. Tap the Desired copy destination.
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  8. Navigate to desired folder, then tap PASTE HERE.
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  9. File(s) will be transferred.
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  10. To backup and restore contacts from the SD card, from the home screen tap Apps.
    device 5101/9006124_10.jpg
  11. Tap Contacts.
    device 5101/9006124_11.jpg
  12. Tap the Menu icon.
    device 5101/9006124_12.jpg
  13. Tap Settings.
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  14. Tap Contacts.
    device 5101/9006124_14.jpg
  15. Tap Import/Export contacts.
    device 5101/9006124_15.jpg
  16. Tap Import from SD card to restore contacts or Export to SD Card to backup contacts to your SD card.
    device 5101/9006124_16.jpg
  17. Choose Desired location.
    device 5101/9006124_17.jpg

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