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Add, view, delete, and customize contacts by adding a picture or ringtone.

  1. ADD A CONTACT: Select the Contacts app from the home screen.
    Note: When in Easy mode no 'Groups' tab will display and you can't send business cards, merge accounts or link contacts.
    device 5157/9006144_01.jpg
  2. Select the Add icon.
    device 5157/9006144_02.jpg
  3. Select the desired location to store the new contact information.
    Note: Phone was chosen for this tutorial.
    device 5157/9006144_03.jpg
  4. Enter the desired contact information, then select SAVE.
    device 5157/9006144_04.jpg
  5. EDIT A CONTACT: Select the desired contact, then select Details. Select EDIT, then edit contact information as desired.
    Note: When done editing contact information, select SAVE.
    device 5157/9006144_05.jpg
  6. ADD PICTURE TO A CONTACT: Select the Camera icon > Gallery icon > desired imageCrop as desired > select DONE > SAVE.
    device 5157/9006144_06.jpg
  7. ADD RINGTONE TO A CONTACT: Select View more > Ringtone > desired ringtone > Back icon.
    device 5157/9006144_07.jpg
  8. Select SAVE to save your edits.
    device 5157/9006144_08.jpg
  9. DELETE A CONTACT: Select and hold the desired contact from the Contacts screen. Select DELETE, then select DELETE again to confirm.
    device 5157/9006144_09.jpg
  10. BACKUP CONTACTS: Select the Menu icon Settings > Import/Export contacts > follow the prompts.
    device 5157/9006144_10.jpg

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