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Activity Zone

Access all Activity Zone applications including Compass, Stopwatch, S Health, Flashlight, and more. Customize the Active key.



  1. ACCESS ACTIVITY ZONE: Press the Active button.  
    Note: Alternatively, from the home screen select the Apps tray > Samsung folder > Activity Zone app
    device 5158/9007017_01.jpg
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions, then select START. The Activity Zone will be displayed.
    device 5158/9007017_02.jpg
  3. REARRANGE TILES: Select and drag the desired tile to the desired location.
    device 5158/9007017_03.jpg
  4. CUSTOMIZE THE ACTIVE KEY: Select the Menu icon. Select Active key setting.
    device 5158/9007017_04.jpg
  5. Select Short press to select what app opens when you quickly press the Active key. Select the desired app.
    Note: From here you can set the Active key to access Emergency Zone.
    device 5158/9007017_05.jpg
  6. Select Long press to select what app opens when you press and hold the Active key. Select the desired app.
    device 5158/9007017_06.jpg
  7. USE ACTIVE KEY WHILE SCREEN LOCKED: From the Active key settings screen, select the Use while screen locked switch.
    device 5158/9007017_07.jpg

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