Learn & customize the home screen
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Learn & customize the home screen

This article describes how to customize the layout of the home screen.



  1. Tap the desired icon to open.
    device 2804/1001247992.jpg
  2. Swipe left or right to access other home screens.
    device 2804/1001247993.jpg
  3. The Home screen indicator shows which home screen is currently active and which is the default home screen.
    device 2804/1001411454.jpg
  4. Touch and drag down with one finger from the top of the screen to reveal the Notifications menu.
    device 2804/1001247988.jpg
  5. Touch and drag down with two fingers from the top of the screen to reveal the Quick Settings menu.
    device 2804/1001247989.jpg
  6. To customize the home screens, press the Menu key.
    device 2804/1001362679.jpg
  7. Tap Edit page.
    device 2804/1001362661.jpg
  8. To delete a home screen, touch and hold, then drag the home screen to Remove.
    device 2804/1001362662.jpg
  9. To set a home screen as the default home screen, tap the Home icon on the desired home screen.
    device 2804/1001362664.jpg
  10. To change the home screen order, touch, then drag the desired home screen to the desired position.
    device 2804/1001362665.jpg
  11. To add a widget or app to the home screen, press the Menu key.
    device 2804/1001362666.jpg
  12. Tap Add apps and widgets.
    device 2804/1001362667.jpg
  13. Navigate to the desired app or widget.
    device 2804/1001362668.jpg
  14. Touch and hold the desired widget.
    device 2804/1001362673.jpg
  15. Drag the widget to the desired location, then release to place it.
    device 2804/1001362674.jpg
  16. Touch, then drag the Resizing box to resize the widget.
    device 2804/1001362675.jpg
  17. Tap anywhere on the screen to save the widget.
    device 2804/1001362676.jpg
  18. To remove a widget, touch and hold the desired widget.
    device 2804/1001362677.jpg
  19. While still holding, drag the widget to Remove.
    device 2804/1001362678.jpg
  20. To adjust the display brightness, swipe down from the top of the screen.
    device 2804/1001362688.jpg
  21. Tap the Auto-Brightness checkbox to enable or disable automatic brightness levels.
    device 2804/1001362689.jpg
  22. With auto disabled, touch and drag the Brightness Slider to set the desired brightness level.
    device 2804/1001362690.jpg

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