Device layout
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Device layout

This article provides an overview of the device layout.



  1. Press the Power key to lock the device, press and hold it to access the power menu.
    device 2804/1001247575.jpg
  2. Use the Volume keys to adjust the volume level.
    device 2804/1001247576.jpg
  3. Press the Back key to return to the previous menu or screen.
    device 2804/1001247577.jpg
  4. Press the Home key to return to the home screen from any app or menu. Press and hold it to view the recent apps screen. Double-tap the key to use S Voice.
    device 2804/1001247578.jpg
  5. Press the Menu key to access the contextual menu.
    device 2804/1001247579.jpg
  6. The S Pen can be used to increase productivity and provides additional functionality.
    device 2804/1001361619.jpg

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