Keyboard & typing
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Keyboard & typing

An overview of keyboard use and features.

  1. Tap the Shift icon to capitalize the next letter entered.
    Note: The arrow on the icon will turn blue to signify that shift is enabled.
    device 2804/1001247604.jpg
  2. Double tap the Shift icon to enable CAPS lock.
    Note: The box around the arrow in the icon will turn blue to signify that CAPS lock is enabled.
    device 2804/1001247605.jpg
  3. Tap Sym to access numbers and common special characters.
    device 2804/1001247606.jpg
  4. To access additional characters, tap 1/2.
    device 2804/1001247607.jpg
  5. Tap the Entry Mode icon to use alternate text entry modes.
    device 2804/1001247608.jpg
  6. Auto-complete suggestions are listed in the bar above the keyboard. Tap to select.
    device 2804/1001411446.jpg
  7. To copy text, tap and hold the desired text.
    device 2804/1001247610.jpg
  8. Drag the text selection sliders to highlight the desired text.
    device 2804/1001247611.jpg
  9. Tap Copy.
    device 2804/1001247612.jpg
  10. To paste text, tap and hold the desired location.
    device 2804/1001247613.jpg
  11. Tap Paste.
    device 2804/1001247614.jpg
  12. The text has been pasted.
    device 2804/1001247615.jpg
  13. To access keyboard settings, touch and hold the Entry Mode icon and then tap the Settings icon.
    device 2804/1001247609.jpg

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