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Nokia Lumia 820

Download apps & games

Download apps, games, movies, music, books, magazine, newspapers and more.

  1. The Windows Phone Store provides access to the latest music, apps, games and more to all Microsoft account holders. For more information or support, please see Microsoft's Windows Phone Store site.
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  2. From the home screen, tap Store.
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  3. Tap the Search icon.
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  4. Enter the desired app.
    Note: For this demonstration, 'myat&t' was entered.
    device 2803/1399174.jpg
  5. Tap the Go icon.
    device 2803/1399175.jpg
  6. Tap the desired result.
    device 2803/1399176.jpg
  7. Tap install.
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  8. Tap allow.
    device 2803/1399178.jpg
  9. The app will download and install.
    device 2803/1399179.jpg
  10. Tap view.
    device 2803/1399180.jpg
  11. To open, tap the app.
    Note: A purchased app may be returned within 15 minutes of purchase.
    device 2803/1399181.jpg

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