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In-call options

Learn what features are available while on an active call.

  1. While on an active call, press the Volume keys to adjust the call volume up or down.
    device 2827/1430215.jpg
  2. Tap Speaker to enable or disable Speakerphone.
    device 2827/1430216.jpg
  3. Tap Mute to mute and unmute the call.
    device 2827/1430217.jpg
  4. Tap Headset to enable or disable a paired Bluetooth headset.
    device 2827/1430219.jpg
  5. Tap Keypad to access the keypad.
    device 2827/1473847.jpg
  6. Tap Hide to hide the keypad.
    device 2827/1430220.jpg
  7. Tap Add call to start another call.
    device 2827/1461588.jpg
  8. Key in the desired phone number, then tap the Call symbol. Your other call will be put on hold.
    device 2827/1461589.jpg
  9. Tap End call to end the call.
    device 2827/1461590.jpg
  10. To put a call on hold, tap Hold.
    device 2827/1473849.jpg
  11. Tap the Menu key to access additional options.
    device 2827/1461592.jpg
  12. Tap Noise reduction off to disable noise reduction.
    device 2827/1461593.jpg
  13. Tap End call to end the current call.
    device 2827/1461594.jpg
  14. Tap the Home key to access the home screen during a call.
    device 2827/1473850.jpg
  15. To return to an active call, swipe down from the top of the screen.
    device 2827/1473852.jpg
  16. Tap the Call symbol to return to the active call.
    device 2827/1473853.jpg

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