Keyboard & typing

How to use the keyboard, use speech-to-text, access keyboard settings, and more.

  1. Tap the Shift icon to capitalize the next input letter.
    device 2815/1404104.jpg
  2. Tap the Shift icon a second time to enable Caps lock.
    device 2815/1404105.jpg
  3. Tap the Symbols icon to access symbols and special characters.
    device 2815/1404106.jpg
  4. Tap the Next icon to access additional symbols and special characters.
    device 2815/1404107.jpg
  5. Tap the Emoji icons along the bottom of the keyboard to access different types of emojis, icons and graphics.
    device 2815/1404108.jpg
  6. Tap the 'abc' icon to return to the standard alphanumeric keyboard.
    device 2815/1404109.jpg
  7. Touch and hold an icon to access associate symbols and special characters.
    device 2815/1404110.jpg
  8. Drag to the desired symbol then release to input.
    device 2815/1404111.jpg
  9. While typing, Autocomplete suggestions will appear along the top of the keyboard. Tap the desired suggestion to input it.
    device 2815/1410239.jpg
  10. To access speech-to-text input, touch and hold the Settings icon.
    Note: To use speech-to-text input, you must activate Google voice typing. From the home screen, press the Menu key > tap 'All settings' > Under the General tab, tap 'Language and input' > tap 'Google voice typing'.
    device 2815/1410243.jpg
  11. Tap the Microphone icon.
    device 2815/1410244.jpg
  12. Speak the desired message to input.
    device 2815/1410249.jpg
  13. To copy text, touch and hold the desired text.
    device 2815/1410250.jpg
  14. Touch and drag the Selection icons to modify the selection.
    device 2815/1410253.jpg
  15. Tap Copy.
    device 2815/1410255.jpg
  16. To paste text, navigate to, then touch and hold within the desired text field.
    device 2815/1410257.jpg
  17. Tap Paste.
    device 2815/1410259.jpg
  18. To access keyboard and input settings, tap the Settings icon.
    device 2815/1410262.jpg
  19. If the settings icon is not displayed, touch and hold the indicated icon.
    device 2815/1410261.jpg
  20. Tap the Settings icon.
    device 2815/1410263.jpg

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