Phone assembly

Phone assembly

How to install the battery, SIM, and memory card (for applicable devices).



  1. Start by removing the battery cover by lifting up from the notch on the top left of the device.
    device 2833/1424788.jpg
  2. delete
    device 2833/1424789.jpg
  3. Insert the SIM card into the SIM card tray.
    device 2833/1424790.jpg
  4. Push the SIM card in all the way until it clicks in place.
    device 2833/1424791.jpg
  5. Insert the battery into the Battery Tray making sure the gold contacts on the battery align with the gold contacts on the device,
    device 2833/1424793.jpg
  6. Insert the micro SD card into the micro SD card tray.
    Note: The micro SD card is not included and is optional.
    device 2833/1424795.jpg
  7. Push it in all the way until it clicks in place.
    device 2833/1424796.jpg
  8. Replace the battery cover, and press firmly on all edges of the device to seat the battery cover in place.
    device 2833/1438094.jpg

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