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Conference calling

Add another person to your call, merge calls, place someone on hold and more.

  1. While receiving a call, touch and drag the Reject icon to the left to reject the call.
    device 2833/1424985.jpg
  2. To reject the call with a message, swipe up from "Reject call with message".
    device 2833/1424986.jpg
  3. Tap Send next to the desired message to deliver it.
    device 2833/1424987.jpg
  4. To answer the call, touch and drag the Answer icon to the right.
    device 2833/1424988.jpg
  5. To add a call, tap Add call.
    device 2833/1424989.jpg
  6. Dial the desired number, then tap the Send key.
    device 2833/1424990.jpg
  7. Tap Merge to merge the calls.
    device 2833/1424991.jpg
  8. To end the conference call, tap End call.
    device 2833/1433690.jpg
  9. Alternatively, to manage calls, press the Menu key.
    device 2833/1424992.jpg
  10. Tap Manage conference call.
    device 2833/1433687.jpg
  11. Tap the Split icon next to the desired caller to split caller off the conference call.
    device 2833/1433689.jpg
  12. Tap End next to the desired call to end it.
    device 2833/1433688.jpg

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