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Take a picture or video
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Apple iPhone 4

Take a picture or video

Take and edit a picture or video, use the front and rear camera, and switch between camera and video modes.

  1. From the Lock screen, just swipe the Camera icon up. Or swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open Control Center, then tap the Camera icon.
    device 2842/1417507.jpg
  2. Choose a mode:

    Drag the screen left or right to choose Time-lapse, Slo-Mo, Video, Photo, Square, or Pano.
    device 2842/1417508.jpg
  3. Take a photo:

    Choose Photo, then tap the shutter button or press either volume button.
    device 2842/1417511.jpg
  4. Shoot some video:

    Choose Video, then tap the Shutter button to start and stop recording.
    device 2842/1417513.jpg

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