Signal & cellular data
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Apple iPhone 4

Signal & cellular data

View cellular network signal, turn your mobile data connection on or off.

  1. The Solid dots indicates signal strength by the number of one to five dots.
    Note: The signal strength and data connection information are displayed in the top left corner of iPhone.
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  2. The Airplane icon indicates Airplane Mode is active, and there is no network connection.
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  3. Data Attachment

    * GPRS = Connected to AT&T's wireless GPRS data network.
    * E = Connected to AT&T's wireless EDGE data network.
    * 3G = Connected to AT&T's mobile broadband network.
    * 4G = Connected to AT&T's 4G HSPA+ mobile broadband network.
    * LTE = Connected to AT&T's 4G LTE mobile broadband network.
    * Wi-Fi icon = Connected to a Wi-Fi network.
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