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Send & receive messages

How to send, receive, and delete picture (MMS) and text (SMS) messages.

  1. iMessage is an Apple service that lets you send unlimited messages over Wi-Fi (or cellular network) to others using iOS 5 or later, or OS X Mountain Lion or later. With iMessage, you can see when other people are typing, and let them know when you've read their messages. iMessages are displayed on all of your iOS devices logged in to the same account, so you can start a conversation on one of your devices and continue it on another device. For security, iMessages are encrypted before they're sent.
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  2. Start a text conversation:

    Tap the Compose icon, then enter a phone number or email address, or tap + and choose a contact.
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  3. Send a photo or video:

    Tap the Camera icon. You can choose an existing photo or video on iPhone, or take a new one.
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  4. Share, save, or print an attachment:

    Tap the attachment, then tap the Share icon.
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