Access web manager

Access web manager

Learn how to access Web manager.

  1. From the home screen, tap Connection Details.
    device 2839/1415594.jpg
  2. Scroll down, and note the password displayed after Your MiFi Liberate Manager Admin Login.
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  3. To access the MiFi Liberate Manager, open a web browser and enter the following into the address bar: att.mifiliberate/preferences
    Note: You must be connected to the MiFi Liberate in order to reach the MiFi Liberate Manager.
    device 2839/1415602.jpg
  4. Enter the Admin Login information, then click Login.
    device 2839/1415603.jpg
  5. The MiFi Liberate manager will be ready for use.
    device 2839/1448047.jpg

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