USB tether to your device

USB tether to your device

Learn how to USB tether with the device.

  1. Plug the smaller end of the microUSB cable into your MiFi Liberate.
    Note: An enterprise variant MiFi Liberate is available with connectivity via tethering disabled and drivers removed.
    device 2839/1415816.jpg
  2. Plug the larger end into the USB port on your computer.
    device 2839/1415817.jpg
  3. The mobile hotspot will automatically install drivers (software) onto your computer.
    Note: You may need to reboot the computer once the installation is complete.
    device 2839/1415818.jpg
  4. The mobile hotspot should now be accessible without using Wi-Fi, and if there is a microSD card present in the device, its contents will be accessible.
    device 2839/1415819.jpg
  5. From the home screen, swipe to, then tap File Sharing.
    device 2839/1415820.jpg
  6. To turn on or off, tap the File Sharing switch.
    Note: A Micro SD Card must be inserted to complete this tutorial.
    device 2839/1415821.jpg

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