Phone assembly
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Samsung Galaxy Mega (I527)

Phone assembly

How to install the battery, SIM, and memory card (for applicable devices).



  1. Turn off the device.
    device 2850/1439949.jpg
  2. Remove the battery cover.
    device 2850/1439950.jpg
  3. Remove the battery.
    device 2850/1439951.jpg
  4. Insert or remove the Micro-SIM card.
    device 2850/1439953.jpg
  5. Insert or remove the memory card from the slot on top of the SIM card slot.
    Note: To prevent data corruption, it is recommended to unmount your memory card before removing it. To unmount your memory card, tap Settings > Storage > Unmount SD Card.
    device 2850/1439952.jpg
  6. Replace the battery.
    device 2850/1439954.jpg
  7. Replace the battery cover.
    device 2850/1439955.jpg
  8. Turn the device back on.
    device 2850/1439956.jpg
  9. When the SIM card is incorrectly installed or missing, the Missing SIM Card icon will display in the notifications bar.
    device 2850/1439957.jpg

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