Reset pattern lock
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Samsung Galaxy Mega (I527)

Reset pattern lock

Reset a forgotten pattern lock.

  1. After 5 unsuccessful attempts, tap OK.
    device 2850/1440472.jpg
  2. To access the device using a backup PIN, tap Backup PIN.
    device 2850/1440473.jpg
  3. Wait for the countdown to end, then tap the PIN field.
    device 2850/1440474.jpg
  4. Enter the backup PIN, then tap Done.
    device 2850/1440475.jpg
  5. To access the device using the associated Google account, tap Forgot pattern?.
    device 2850/1440478.jpg
  6. Enter the account information, then tap Sign in.
    device 2850/1440476.jpg
  7. After unlocking the device, tap to select the desired new security setting.
    device 2850/1440477.jpg

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