Turn Bluetooth on or off, scan and connect to other Bluetooth devices, and unpair a connected device.

  1. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows iPhone to communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices within a few meters of each other.
    Note: Bluetooth is often used for wireless headsets or to transfer media between devices.To optimize battery life, turn Bluetooth off when not in use.
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  2. From the home screen, tap Settings.
    device 2860/1455237.jpg
  3. Tap General.
    device 2860/1455238.jpg
  4. Tap Bluetooth.
    device 2860/1455239.jpg
  5. Tap the Bluetooth switch to turn it on.
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  6. Tap the desired device to pair.
    Note: When pairing, the devices maybe be prompted to compare PIN codes.
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  7. When on, and paired with a Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth icon will be displayed in the Status bar.
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