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View & share photos or videos

View & share photos or videos

Access, view, and share your photos and videos.

  1. Send photos to another iOS device:

    If you have an iCloud account and you've set up Photo Stream, photos you save to the Camera Roll are sent to all of your devices.
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  2. Use photos in other apps on your device:

    -Send your photos to other apps installed on your device, including Cards, iMovie, and other iPhoto-supported apps.
    -Use your photos in any app by saving them to the Camera Roll.
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  3. Send photos to your computer:

    -Import photos and videos from iOS devices to computers with Apple or Windows.
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  4. Share photos on the web:

    -Post photos to your Twitter, Flickr, or Facebook accounts directly from iPhoto. You can view or add comments to photos you shared to Facebook or Flickr using iPhoto.
    -Create a journal with your photos and publish your journal as a webpage using your iCloud account.
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  5. Email photos:

    -Send an email with your photos.

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