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Send & receive email

Send & receive email

Add and download email attachments, respond to an email and more.

  1. Mail lets you access all of your email accounts, on the go. From the Inbox, you can:
    device 2861/1466865.jpg
  2. Send new email: Tap the compose icon to start and send a new email.
    device 2861/1466866.jpg
  3. Manage Inbox: Tap Edit to delete, move, archive, or mark multiple messages.
    device 2861/1466867.jpg
  4. Search: Drag the screen down, and then tap search field to search for a specific email, sender, or recipient.
    device 2861/1466868.jpg
  5. See messages with attachments: Messages with attachments are signified by a Paperclip icon next to the sender.
    device 2861/1466869.jpg
  6. Delete, move, or mark multiple messages: While viewing a list of messages, tap Edit. Select the desired messages, then choose an action.
    device 2861/1466870.jpg

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