Wi-Fi security

Wi-Fi security

Access Wi-Fi security settings.

  1. To prevent the hotspot Wi-Fi network name and password from displaying on the home screen, from the Elevate Manager, tap Device Security.
    device 2859/1450601.jpg
  2. To hide or show the SSID, click the Show SSID on device checkbox.
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  3. To hide or show the password, click the Wi-Fi Key visible on device checkbox.
    device 2859/1450606.jpg
  4. When finished, click Save.
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  5. To disable the hotspot Wi-Fi network name (SSID) from being broadcast, click Advanced Settings.
    device 2859/1450609.jpg
  6. Click the Wi-Fi tab.
    device 2859/1450611.jpg
  7. Click Network.
    device 2859/1450612.jpg
  8. Next to SSID Broadcast, click Disable.
    device 2859/1450613.jpg

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