File sharing

File sharing

This tutorial describes how to share files.

  1. File sharing allows you to share the files on a microSDHC card via USB cable or web browser.
    device 2859/1448572.jpg
  2. From the Elevate Manager, click SD card installed.
    device 2859/1450680.jpg
  3. To share files over Wi-Fi, click Wi-Fi, then follow the instructions listed below.
    device 2859/1450683.jpg
  4. To view the shared folder, tap View Folder.
    device 2859/1450687.jpg
  5. From the computer, click Go.
    Note: This tutorial demonstrates file sharing with a Mac.
    device 2859/1450690.jpg
  6. Click Connect to Server...
    device 2859/1450743.jpg
  7. Enter http://att.elevate/dav into the Server Address bar, then click Connect.
    device 2859/1450745.jpg
  8. Drag and drop the desired files from the SD card and the connected device.
    device 2859/1450750.jpg

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