Elevate 4G Web Manager overview

Elevate 4G Web Manager overview

This tutorial provides an overview of Unite Manager.

  1. To get to the Web User Interface to change settings, you must be connected to the wireless hotspot Wi-Fi network. Enter http://att.elevate or in your web browser's URL field.
    device 2859/1448725.jpg
  2. Click the Login field and enter the Administrator login for the Web UI (the default Administrator login is: attadmin
    device 2859/1448726.jpg
  3. Below the Admin login field the device number and SSID are displayed.
    device 2859/1448728.jpg
  4. On the left side of the homepage are various status and settings menu options.
    device 2859/1448729.jpg
  5. In the center of the homepage there is an image of the Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G. This changes to reflect the state of the device in real time.
    device 2859/1448730.jpg
  6. Below the image of the device are a Power button, which can be used to turn the device off via the web UI, and a Connect/Disconnect button that will connect or disconnect the device from the AT&T mobile broadband network.
    device 2859/1448732.jpg

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