Connect to AT&T Network

Connect to AT&T Network

This article describes how to connect to a network.

  1. When your mobile hotspot is powered on, it automatically searches for and connects to the AT&T mobile broadband network.
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  2. Confirm the device is showing 2 or more bars of network signal.
    Note: If signal is less than 2 bars, move the device to another location.
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  3. Confirm the device is connected to the AT&T data network.
    Note: When connected to the AT&T data network the display will show one of the following network icons 4G LTE, 4G. To learn more about the AT&T network, visit
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  4. Connect your computer or other device to the hotspot Wi-Fi network.
    Note: The hotspot Wi-Fi network name is displayed on the mobile hotspot home screen.
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