Insert SIM & memory card

Insert SIM & memory card

This tutorial shows how to insert the SIM and memory card into your device.

  1. To insert the SIM card, open the SIM/SD card cover located on the side of the device.
    device 2908/1500130.jpg
  2. Insert the microSIM Card in the SIM card slot until it clicks into place.
    device 2908/1500131.jpg
  3. To insert the microSD card, insert the microSD card into the microSD card slot.
    device 2908/1500132.jpg
  4. When the SIM card is installed incorrectly or missing, the No SIM icon will be displayed in the notifications bar.
    Note: See step 2 for installing the SIM in the correct position.
    device 2908/1500133.jpg

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