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This tutorial describes the PlayTo feature.

  1. PlayTo allows you to share music, video, and photos by instantly streaming multimedia from your mobile device to a TV, monitor, or projector with DLNA or Miracast support.
    Note: Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    device 2908/1506479.jpg
  2. To turn PlayTo on or off, from the home screen, swipe down the Notifications bar with two fingers.
    device 2908/1506481.jpg
  3. Tap PlayTo.
    device 2908/1506490.jpg
  4. Tap the desired device.
    device 2908/1506491.jpg
  5. To share music, navigate to the Music app, then tap the Menu icon.
    device 2908/1506494.jpg
  6. Tap PlayTo.
    device 2908/1506506.jpg
  7. Tap the desired device.
    device 2908/1506508.jpg
  8. To share photos, navigate to the Gallery app, then tap the desired photo.
    device 2908/1506509.jpg
  9. Tap the Menu icon.
    device 2908/1506510.jpg
  10. Tap PlayTo.
    device 2908/1506511.jpg
  11. Tap the desired device.
    device 2908/1506515.jpg
  12. To disconnect PlayTo, tap Disconnect.
    device 2908/1506516.jpg

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