Signal & cellular data

Signal & cellular data

View cellular network signal, turn international roaming or your mobile data connection on or off.

  1. From the home screen tap the Settings icon.
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  2. Tap More....
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  3. Tap Mobile networks.
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  4. Tap the Data enabled to turn on or off.
    Note: Mobile data is on by default. Turning off the mobile data will not allow any data to be transferred over the wireless network. Wi-Fi access, voice function, and standard text messaging are still allowed.
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  5. Tap International Data to turn data roaming on or off.
    Note: Data roaming is off by default. Enabling Data roaming will allow the device to attach to foreign wireless network signals when available. International roaming charges will apply. This setting does not apply to voice access which requires additional provisioning for usage on international networks. Click here for more information on international roaming provisioning and rates.
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  6. To quickly turn mobile data on and off, swipe down from the top right of the Notification bar, then tap the Mobile data icon.
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