Do It Later

Do It Later

This article reviews the Do it Later app and functionality.

  1. Do It Later lets you focus on the most important tasks without missing a beat. When you are too busy to deal with a call, reply to an email or follow an interesting link, just tap to send the task to the Do It Later list.
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  2. From the home screen, tap the ASUS folder.
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  3. Tap Do It Later.
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  4. Tap the desired task to view.
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  5. To save a website to the Do It Later list, navigate to the Browser screen, then tap the Menu icon.
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  6. Tap Read later.
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  7. To save an email to read later, navigate to the Email inbox screen, then touch and hold the desired email.
    Note: This feature does not apply to Gmail.
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  8. Tap Read later.
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  9. To mark a task as complete, from the Do It Later screen, tap Read Now to view the task.
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  10. Tap the Do It Later tab.
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  11. Tap Completed tasks to view the complete list of tasks.
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  12. To access Settings, tap the Menu icon.
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  13. Tap Settings.
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  14. Tap General settings.
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  15. Tap to adjust as desired.
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