Insert SIM & memory card
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Insert SIM & memory card

How to insert the SIM and memory card into your device.

  1. Pry open and remove the back cover using the indicated notch.
    device 2900/1492631.jpg
  2. Insert a Nano-SIM card into the SIM card slot as shown.
    device 2900/1492632.jpg
  3. Press the Nano-SIM card all the way into the slot until it clicks into place.
    device 2900/1492633.jpg
  4. Insert a MicroSD card into the Memory card slot as shown.
    device 2900/1492634.jpg
  5. Press the MicroSD card all the way into the slot until it is secured firmly in place.
    device 2900/1492635.jpg
  6. Replace the back cover. Press down around the edges of the cover until it has clicked firmly into place.
    device 2900/1492636.jpg
  7. If the device is powered on without a valid SIM card, the Missing SIM icon will display in the status bar.
    device 2900/1492642.jpg

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