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Keyboard & typing

How to use the keyboard, use speech-to-text, access keyboard settings, and more.

  1. Press a Letter key to input the desired letter. Press and hold to input a capital letter.
    device 2900/1492652.jpg
  2. Alternatively, tap the Shift icon to capitalize the next input letter. Press and hold to enable Caps Lock.
    device 2900/1492656.jpg
  3. Tap the @123 icon to open the extended keyboard and access numbers and special characters.
    device 2900/1492658.jpg
  4. Tap to input the desired character.
    device 2900/1492660.jpg
  5. Press the More icon to access additional special characters.
    device 2900/1492661.jpg
  6. Tap the Collapse icon to minimize the extended keyboard.
    device 2900/1492662.jpg
  7. While typing, autocomplete suggestions will appear above the keyboard. Tap the desired suggestion to input.
    device 2900/1492663.jpg
  8. Alternatively, swipe up on the Keyboard towards the desired suggestion.
    device 2900/1492664.jpg
  9. To use Speech-to-text input, touch and hold the Period/Microphone icon.
    Note: Dictation must be enabled to use this feature.
    device 2900/1492665.jpg
  10. Speak as desired, then tap Done.
    device 2900/1492666.jpg
  11. Press the Delete key to delete a single character.
    device 2900/1492667.jpg
  12. Swipe left on the Keyboard to delete an entire word.
    device 2900/1492668.jpg
  13. To copy text, touch and hold the desired word.
    device 2900/1492669.jpg
  14. Drag the Selection icons to modify the selection.
    device 2900/1492670.jpg
  15. Tap the Copy icon.
    device 2900/1492671.jpg
  16. To paste, navigate to, then tap within the desired text field.
    device 2900/1492674.jpg
  17. Tap the Paste icon.
    device 2900/1492676.jpg
  18. The Cursor can be used to navigate and select text.
    device 2900/1492677.jpg
  19. To display the Cursor, tap the desired location within an active text field.
    device 2900/1492678.jpg
  20. Alternatively, activate the Cursor by double tapping the Keyboard.
    device 2900/1492679.jpg
  21. Touch and drag the Cursor to change its location.
    device 2900/1492680.jpg
  22. Alternatively, move the Cursor by sliding a finger along the Keyboard.
    device 2900/1492681.jpg
  23. Tap the Nudge left and Nudge right icons to move the Cursor a single character at a time.
    device 2900/1492682.jpg
  24. Touch and hold the Shift icon while moving the cursor to make a selection.
    device 2900/1492687.jpg
  25. To access keyboard settings, from the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen > Tap Settings > Scroll to then tap Language and Input.
    device 2900/1492691.jpg

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