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Get directions and navigation using the Maps app.

  1. From the home screen, tap Maps.
    device 2900/1492785.jpg
  2. If prompted, tap I AGREE.
    device 2900/1492786.jpg
  3. Tap the Search field.
    device 2900/1492787.jpg
  4. Enter the desired destination.
    device 2900/1492788.jpg
  5. Tap a suggested search, or press the Return key.
    Note: For this demonstration, press the Return key.
    device 2900/1492789.jpg
  6. Tap the Start icon.
    device 2900/1492790.jpg
  7. To configure route options, tap the Menu icon.
    device 2900/1492791.jpg
  8. Tap Plan Route.
    device 2900/1492792.jpg
  9. Configure route options as desired, then tap Apply.
    device 2900/1492793.jpg
  10. Tap Start.
    device 2900/1492794.jpg
  11. Follow the spoken directions.
    device 2900/1492795.jpg
  12. To exit navigation, tap the screen.
    device 2900/1492796.jpg
  13. Tap End Trip.
    device 2900/1492797.jpg

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