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This tutorial shows how to use the X-Ray feature.

  1. X-Ray for Movies and TV Shows helps you discover and learn more about actors and characters in a scene while watching a movie or TV show on your Kindle Fire. X-Ray will also identify and allow you to purchase music in the scene as it plays, and display trivia about characters in the movie or TV show.
    Note: To learn more, visit the Amazon support tutorial: Learn about movies and TV shows with X-Ray.
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  2. From the home screen, tap Videos.
    device 2918/1502099.jpg
  3. Tap the Search icon.
    device 2918/1502100.jpg
  4. Enter the desired search, then tap the Search icon.
    device 2918/1502101.jpg
  5. Tap the desired selection.
    Note: X-ray only works with content that has the X-ray label.
    device 2918/1502102.jpg
  6. Tap the Play icon.
    device 2918/1502103.jpg
  7. Tap the screen to reveal more options.
    device 2918/1502104.jpg
  8. Trivia and production cast will be displayed on the left. Tap View All for a more information.
    device 2918/1502105.jpg
  9. Tap Actors to view actors appearing in the show or movie.
    device 2918/1502106.jpg
  10. Tap Characters for a list of characters appearing in the show or movie.
    device 2918/1502107.jpg
  11. Tap Trivia to view trivia and jump to relevant scenes.
    device 2918/1502108.jpg
  12. Tap Music for a list of music used in the show or movie.
    device 2918/1502109.jpg
  13. Tap Scenes to view the episode's different scenes.
    device 2918/1504475.jpg

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