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This article describes how to create, edit, or delete a calendar event.

  1. From the home screen, swipe up.
    device 2918/1501737.jpg
  2. Tap Calendar.
    device 2918/1501736.jpg
  3. To change the calendar view, tap the desired Calendar view tab.
    device 2918/1501739.jpg
  4. To add an event, navigate to, then tap the desired event starting date.
    device 2918/1501741.jpg
  5. Tap New Event.
    Note: If a calendar account has not been set up on the device, you will be prompted to add one.
    device 2918/1501742.jpg
  6. Tap OK.
    device 2918/1501743.jpg
  7. Tap the Title field, then enter the desired event title.
    device 2918/1501744.jpg
  8. Tap the Start time field.
    device 2918/1501745.jpg
  9. Touch and drag the Clock hand to select the desired event starting hour.
    device 2918/1501746.jpg
  10. Tap the Meridian fields to select the meridian.
    device 2918/1501747.jpg
  11. Tap Set.
    device 2918/1501748.jpg
  12. Repeat steps 8-11 for the Ending time field.
    device 2918/1501749.jpg
  13. Tap the Event ending date field.
    device 2918/1501750.jpg
  14. Navigate to, then tap the desired event ending date.
    device 2918/1501751.jpg
  15. Tap Set.
    device 2918/1501752.jpg
  16. Edit additional event details as desired.
    device 2918/1501753.jpg
  17. Tap Done.
    device 2918/1501754.jpg
  18. To edit an event, navigate to, then tap the desired event.
    device 2918/1501755.jpg
  19. Tap More.
    device 2918/1501756.jpg
  20. Tap Edit.
    device 2918/1501735.jpg
  21. Edit event details as desired, then tap Done.
    device 2918/1504342.jpg
  22. To delete an event, navigate to, then tap the desired event.
    device 2918/1504344.jpg
  23. Tap Delete.
    device 2918/1504345.jpg
  24. Tap OK.
    device 2918/1504346.jpg

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