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This tutorial describes how to use the Whispersync feature.

  1. Whispersync allows you to synchronize your books, audiobooks, personal documents, games, and Amazon Instant Video across supported Kindle devices and apps.
    Note: Whispersync is on by default to ensure a seamless reading experience for a book read across multiple Kindles.
    device 2918/1501807.jpg
  2. From the home screen, swipe left on the Menu bar.
    device 2918/1501808.jpg
  3. Tap Web.
    device 2918/1501809.jpg
  4. Tap the URL field.
    device 2918/1501810.jpg
  5. Enter "Amazon.com" then tap Go.
    device 2918/1501811.jpg
  6. Tap Your Account.
    device 2918/1501812.jpg
  7. Confirm your account password, then tap Sign in using our secure server, if prompted.
    device 2918/1504370.jpg
  8. Tap Manage Content and Devices.
    device 2918/1501813.jpg
  9. Tap Settings.
    device 2918/1501814.jpg
  10. Scroll to, then tap the Whispersync Device Synchronization field.
    device 2918/1501815.jpg
  11. Tap the desired Whisperync option.
    device 2918/1501816.jpg

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