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File sharing

This tutorial describes how to share files.

  1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Notification menu.
    device 2944/1517392.jpg
  2. Tap the Settings icon.
    device 2944/1517393.jpg
  3. Tap the File Share ON/OFF switch to turn on.
    device 2944/1517394.jpg
  4. With your device connected to the Hotspot's Wi-Fi network, navigate to http://attwifimanager, enter the required password, then click OK.
    Note: To find the password - Home screen > Notification menu > Settings > File Sharing.
    device 2944/1517395.jpg
  5. Click upload.
    device 2944/1517397.jpg
  6. Click Choose File.
    device 2944/1517398.jpg
  7. Navigate to and select the desired file, then click Choose.
    device 2944/1517399.jpg
  8. Click upload.
    device 2944/1517400.jpg
  9. From the home screen, tap OFFICE.
    device 2944/1517401.jpg
  10. Tap File Share.
    device 2944/1517402.jpg
  11. The shared file will display. Tap the desired file to view.
    device 2944/1517403.jpg
  12. To download to the device, touch and hold the desired file.
    device 2944/1535264.jpg
  13. Tap the Copy icon.
    device 2944/1535277.jpg
  14. Navigate to the desired location.
    device 2944/1535278.jpg
  15. Tap PASTE.
    device 2944/1535281.jpg

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