Send & receive email
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Send & receive email

This tutorial shows how to send and receive email.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Google folder.
    device 2944/1515713.jpg
  2. Tap Gmail.
    device 2944/1515715.jpg
  3. To select an account inbox, tap the Gmail menu icon.
    device 2944/1515716.jpg
  4. Tap the desired account.
    device 2944/1515719.jpg
  5. To refresh the inbox, swipe down from the top of the inbox.
    device 2944/1515720.jpg
  6. To forward a message, tap the desired email.
    device 2944/1515721.jpg
  7. Tap the Forward icon.
    device 2944/1515722.jpg
  8. To reply to a message, tap the Reply icon.
    device 2944/1515723.jpg
  9. To reply to all, tap Reply.
    device 2944/1515724.jpg
  10. Tap Reply all.
    device 2944/1515725.jpg
  11. To delete an email, tap the Delete icon.
    device 2944/1515726.jpg
  12. To open an attachment, tap the desired attachment.
    device 2944/1515727.jpg
  13. To save, tap the Menu icon.
    device 2944/1515729.jpg
  14. Tap Save.
    device 2944/1515731.jpg
  15. To compose an email, tap the Compose icon.
    device 2944/1515732.jpg
  16. Enter the desired recipient.
    device 2944/1515733.jpg
  17. Tap the Subject field, then enter the desired subject,
    device 2944/1515734.jpg
  18. Tap the Message field, then enter the desired text.
    device 2944/1515735.jpg
  19. To add an attachment, tap the Menu icon.
    device 2944/1515736.jpg
  20. Tap Attach file, then follow the prompts.
    device 2944/1515737.jpg
  21. When finished, tap SEND.
    device 2944/1515738.jpg
  22. When a new email is received, the Gmail icon will display in the Notification bar.
    device 2944/1515743.jpg

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