Block or unblock devices
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Block or unblock devices

This article describes how to block/unblock devices from connecting.

  1. To block devices from connecting to your hotspot, login to the AT&T Wi-Fi Manager from a device connected to the Unite Express Network.
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  2. Click on the desired device.
    device 2923/1506522.jpg
  3. Click the Block Device button.
    device 2923/1506524.jpg
  4. Click the Block device button to confirm.
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  5. To unblock a device, tap Wi-Fi.
    device 2923/1506526.jpg
  6. Tap MAC FILTER.
    device 2923/1506528.jpg
  7. Select Black list - block all in list from the drop-down menu.
    device 2923/1506531.jpg
  8. Click the X button to remove the blocked device from the block list.
    device 2923/1506533.jpg

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