Device assembly
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Device assembly

Install and remove the SIM and battery.

  1. Remove the Battery cover by pulling away at the notch.
    device 2923/1506285.jpg
  2. To insert the SIM card, remove the battery to reveal the SIM card slot.
    device 2923/1506289.jpg
  3. Insert the microSIM with the metal contacts facing down into the SIM card slot.
    device 2923/1506290.jpg
  4. To insert the battery, with the metal contacts aligned, insert the Battery into the Battery port.
    device 2923/1506286.jpg
  5. Place the Battery cover back on the device, then press firmly around the edges to secure.
    device 2923/1506288.jpg
  6. If a SIM is not in the device, the Missing SIM icon will be displayed in the Notification bar and an alert will be displayed on the screen.
    device 2923/1506291.jpg

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