AT&T Wi-Fi manager overview
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AT&T Wi-Fi manager overview

This article describes the AT&T Wi-Fi manager.



  1. The Home section displays basic billing information, session time, and account numbers.
    device 2923/1568038.jpg
  2. The Wi-Fi section displays the status of the different Wi-Fi signals, allows the user to change Wi-Fi network names and passwords, and enable Guest Wi-Fi.
    device 2923/1568039.jpg
  3. The Messaging section displays important messages sent from AT&T.
    device 2923/1568040.jpg
  4. This is the Settings section. The General tab displays screen, sleep, and homepage settings.
    device 2923/1568041.jpg
  5. Click the desired tabs to alter Wi-Fi, Network, and Router settings.
    device 2923/1568042.jpg

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