Battery life
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Battery life

Tips & tricks to extend your battery performance.

  1. Login to the AT&T Wi-Fi Manager from a device connected to the AT&T Unite Express Wi-Fi network.
    device 2923/1506457.jpg
  2. Click Settings.
    device 2923/1506458.jpg
  3. Ensure that screen brightness is set to Dim.
    device 2923/1506459.jpg
  4. Ensure that Timeout on Battery is set to 30 seconds.
    device 2923/1529064.jpg
  5. From the Drop-down menu, set Wi-Fi Standby to 5 minutes to ensure best battery life.
    device 2923/1506460.jpg
  6. Click Wi-Fi.
    device 2923/1506467.jpg
  7. Click OPTIONS.
    device 2923/1506469.jpg
  8. Set Wi-Fi Range to Standard to maximize battery life.
    device 2923/1506472.jpg
  9. Ensure that the least amount of devices are connected.
    device 2923/1506473.jpg

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